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About Savour and Aura

The idea is to create modern fragrances with an 'India', rooted within the essence of these fragrances.

Savour and Aura, is an experiential brand, that curates a journey for the user. 

A touch of oil-based fragrances takes us to a world of connecting with earthy elements and raw life.

Diffuser fragrance oils, and those for the skin, both define the sync between mind, body & soul. 

Mrs. Sadhana Singh strongly believes that real beauty holds in originality and so she has used Indian vintage flowers & flavors, to develop each of the fragrances.



Philosophy of Savour & Aura, stands strongly with the pillars of its vision and heritage.  Inspiration turned into Creativity is exactly what has been executed at Savour & Aura. 

The founder, Mrs. Sadhana Singh, decided to blend in her knowledge and love for fragrances, into a final product for this society, simply to make us all experience the calms of life; the peaceful scents bring refreshment.

Brand Pillars

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Every plan starts with an idea and behind that idea, there always stands a vision. 

Mrs. Sadhana Singh's vision behind the brand is to give an exclusive experience of the unique blended fragrances to savour & aura, brand customers. 

Her dedication is her motivation, to execute every aspect of the foreseen vision, in her daily schedule. 

Her daughters gave her the inspiration to expand the wings from flavors to fragrances. 

With such powerful women, the brand stands strong with its exclusive product line, impressing everyone.

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