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An Ode to Sustainability: A state of lifestyle

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

There's a distinct association between looking great and feeling great. For the most part, dressing decently, being well-groomed, and smelling good plays casually in the background of our daily routines. However, in this order lies a certain disorder that we faintly let go of, only to realize later how big an impact our daily choices in the everyday walk of life have on the larger landscape - the environment.

Since its inception, the expertise behind Savour and Aura has made it a cornerstone of their business to make the brand sustainable. The relentless effort we put forward comes with the core understanding that sustainability stretches beyond just ensuring the wellness of the environment, but also engaging the community we work with. We try to blend craftsmanship with responsible living and work intimately with our artisans to create our assortment of products. They have roused us with the reality that the craft of blending isn't just about the multifaceted subtleties and feel, it’s also a way of life, legacy, and an honored skill passed down from one generation to another. We believe our work is a type of language that bridges social and cultural contrasts.

Having stated this now comes the need to take a step further into understanding how our daily scents and even regular beauty products can be hurtful to the climate in an unexpected way. The elements present in these products that project a solid risk to the environment, at last, result in deforestation, environmental change and cause worry to our wellbeing and the prosperity of our community. To take a conscious effort into doing our bit, the beginning stage is to identify what’s not good for the environment:


Most products come in plastic packaging and when they are not properly disposed of, these plastic containers would all end up in the oceans or in landfills. It would take hundreds of years to break them down while they leach toxins into the land and air. Look for more sustainable and reusable packaging materials while making your purchase


Different beauty products in the mainstream market often contain chemicals that are bad for your health. Once products are manufactured with these ingredients, they potentially contribute to air and water pollution posing concerns for humans, aquatic animals, and wildlife. Always read the label and gain insight into the ingredients you are going to apply to your skin.

Product Lifecycle

These products affect the environment throughout its entire product lifecycle - the entire supply chain, from raw material, manufacturing process, procurement, packaging, distribution, and transportation.

With the above presented, how can we make a difference and become eco-conscious consumers? Every mindful action counts so we should ensure proper education and practice responsible purchasing.

  • Check the label and be informed of the ingredients in the product. Know what you apply and use on your body.

  • Educate yourself with common skincare and perfumery terminologies.

  • Be in the know of the different toxic ingredients that must be avoided when selecting a scent or essential oil.

  • Recycle and reuse packaging. Learn how to properly dispose of product packaging. When recycling the packaging, make sure to properly wash and clean it before placing it in a recycling bin. Look into reusing your product box or container; there are many ideas online on how to repurpose a box or a roll-on bottle of your favorite scent once you used it up.

The underlying purpose is to be vocal and support brands that advocate sustainability. These brands use sustainable ingredients that are easily renewable, wild-crafted, and locally sourced. As much of a responsibility, it is of each and every brand to be environmentally conscious, as a consumer, you are being held at an equally responsible stage to not only decide for your own benefit, but also of those around you.

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