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Art and Aromatherapy: A way life. Experience the Essence

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

There is considerable evidence pertaining to the benefits of art therapy over the last few years. In 2020, the world as we knew it, came to a sudden halt attributed to the global pandemic. Being confined to one’s home in an altered lifestyle allowed many to explore an inhibited side of themselves. On the other end of this spectrum, many buckled under these changes and found refuge in adopting various coping mechanisms to maintain their mental equilibrium- one of which was ‘art’.

“Expressive art therapy integrates all of the arts in a safe, non-judgmental setting to facilitate personal growth and healing. To use the arts expressively means going into our inner realms to discover feelings and to express them through visual art, movement, sound, writing, or drama. This process fosters release, self-understanding, insight and awakens creativity and transpersonal states of consciousness.”

- Natalie Rogers, Psychotherapist, Ph.D, REAT

Art has historically been mankind’s visual form of expression to depict feelings, episodes, and document various events in one’s life. It is a creative expression that is unique to the individual’s imagination and their current state of being. The density of each stroke and the finesse of the work is unique to the moment of creation which cannot be replicated in the same mannerism again. Once truly immersed, it is a space best reserved to the trilogy of your mind, the tools of your hand, and the expansive canvas in front of you. Art is a passage into the creator’s exact frame of mind, allowing you to revisit a moment in history. For the trained eye, it is like reading through an almost written form of expression.

It is easy to deduce why art remains so relevant today. It has been the most timeless and universal form of expression since the time man left impressions on cave walls. However, times have changed. Today, the common man is surrounded by an unending stimulus that divides their attention unlike ever seen before. Our modern lifestyle with our electronic devices constantly buzzing with updates, the increased demand for social behavior and interaction compels us to be in continuous practice of being in a distracted state. Complete idleness is perhaps the greatest luxury for the urban man today. Traditional methodologies such as ‘art therapy’ have never been as relevant as they are today for the sheer and simple realization that people are now beginning to have about connecting with themselves and being self-aware.

At Savour & Aura, we have begun to explore the benefits of using essential oils in such practices, allowing you to extract greater results in your sessions of seeking self-exploration, self-expression, and moments of true idleness. ‘Sthira’ is one of our best, widely appreciated, and recommended concoctions for you to adopt the next time you engage in a therapeutic session such as art therapy. Sthira literally means a state of being strong, steady, and stable, which is a befitting name to the exact benefits it provides its users through the environment it creates with its fragrance. Each carefully chosen ingredient is drawn from the goodness of nature and we trust you’ll agree with us once you’ve tried it for yourself and your loved ones. Sthira has backed its reputation as a successful aromatherapy oil. Add 2-3 drops of this fragrant oil in a diffuser of your choice and avail the many benefits this natural oil has to offer. The oil's fragrance is mitigating and hypnotizing, to the degree that it settles the psyche, helps in unwinding the mind, and makes you experience serenity. Discover the goodness of Sthira and witness the change it brings to your lifestyle today.

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