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Bahaar: The Musk Passion

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The Musk Passion – made in shades of Scarlet, Crimson and Caramel.

Strokes are visceral and bold, The colours evoke passion, vigour, energy and hope, exactly what we need to light up our lives, especially after a tough somber year.

Urges the viewer to reflect, search within and find your own light. With a connect so strong, that of color and aroma, passionately gets us to absorb the essence of the unique, exclusive “Sthira”, made by Savour and Aura, handcrafted as one of its most special blend.

The connection between the elements of Sthira, is such that defines, the winter air, the settling sun, and the warmth of the hearts and mind.

A story is curated while the strokes showcase the blending essence, Savour and Aura, curates this passionate fragrance oil, for the ‘strong you’, inside you!

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