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Celebrate summer freshness with natural fragrances.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Summer, freshness, flowers & more.

The beginning of March translates to the onset of the upcoming great Indian summer, orchestrated by festivities such as Holi. The festival of colours and flowers shine in true glory with a wide host of hues. Seasons help in reminding us that ‘change’ is the true law of nature- the only constant. It evokes a change in our lifestyle invariably and sets precedence towards preparedness for the longest season we have in this country.

Our bodies too, undergo a change and adapt to the conditions around us. For instance, we begin to shred our winter gains by sweating, we consume less food and hydrate ourselves regularly. This invariably further extends a change to our body’s natural odour and how it reacts to the conditions around us. Fragrances connect us emotionally to the changing seasons around us and the aura of our homes. The scents we choose for ourselves and our homes, reflect one’s experiences, aspirations, and interpretation of the changing landscape.

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It is important to understand the fragrances that complement our bodies during this period, which one may guess, should be drawn from ingredients close to the bloom of flowers in this season. Flowery extractions from jasmine, tuberose and a host of flowers can never go wrong while interacting with your body this season. It casts a spell of undeniable freshness. Similarly for our homes, aromatherapy through the conduit of diffusers becomes an excellent element towards inviting nature into our homes. The scent of fresh Eucalyptus, the fragrant bitter-sweet nature of cinnamon bark and vanilla in Sthira and the indulgent Shyama are exotic options to leave an impression.

Spring truly is a breath of fresh life, waking us from hibernation and welcoming the warmth of the sun. It is the season of new birth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. For us at Savour & Aura, we truly find ourselves surrounded by a plethora of ingredients to play with in this joyful period and bring forth exciting new creations that transcend effortlessly with you this season. Our top picks for this spring are:

· Home- Eucalyptus, Sthira, and Shyama.

·Body fragrances- Floral Bouquet, Jasmine and Tuberose

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hbno health
26. März

As the CEO of, I'm excited to celebrate summer freshness with natural fragrances! Explore our collection for scents that complement this vibrant season, from floral notes like jasmine to invigorating eucalyptus. Discover more at

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