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Celebrating the essence of a mother

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Mother's day is a day of celebrations and gratefulness to mothers everywhere. Today, let’s be thankful to our mothers and appreciate their efforts. This bond between child and mother transcends distance, space, and time. It cannot be broken or forgotten with any geographic divide or not even a death. The powerhouse of strength, the backbone of all our lives. The silent pillar standing behind to guide, to support, and to love; a mother is irreplaceable.

The world has seen great social efforts from people on mother's day like in the 1850s when Ann Reeves Jarvis organized mother's day work clubs to improve sanitary conditions and reduce infant mortality by fighting infections, disease, and milk contamination, and we shall continue to witness these remarkable ventures marking a token of appreciation of womanhood and their charismatic endeavors as a mother.

Let's take this day to appreciate the said, and unsaid love and sacrifices that our mothers do for us, molding us into these unique individuals that we proudly stand as today. Let's feel gratitude for their sacrifices to make all of us rise and shine in this world, each moment that we have spent and will spend with them is like the drops of water from the Goddesses Ganga River which causes the forgiveness of transgressions and leads to salvation.

Remembering the aura of our childhood memory, waking up early and going for a walk in the garden which used to have flowers of jasmine and rose and fresh air. An aura that’d instantly refresh the mind. The emotional attachment still can't be wavered off from the innocence of our minds. Such is the memory embedded in the souls of our mothers from their childhood, a unique association with the Indian aroma enchanting her home and environment. This Mother’s Day, voyage on love and laughter-filled memories and gift your mom a box of serenity crafted by us. Essential oils and fragrances curated for loved ones, especially for mothers. 100% alcohol-free products with multiple benefits to mind, body, and soul. With relaxing and soothing essential oils & fragrances, gift your mother a box of thoughtfulness and care that’ll be truly appreciated by her.

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