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Colors of Savour & Aura : The palate of nature

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Holi, a Hindu festival of colors defining the meaning of good over bad, spreading the vibe and aura of happiness and joyfulness by celebrating with colors. This festival of equality and hopefulness gives us the light to lead our lives from the darkened days and move to new horizons. Especially the tough times we have seen due to the pandemic last year and this year, Holi gives us a reason to refresh and pray for contentment. Blissful, serene, and spirited, this festival is a celebration of life and its wondrous palate. The day is a reminder of cherishing togetherness and the simpler joys which we often overlook in our mundane routines.

Every color has its own story, a charm, a beauty. Every color adds meaning to the essence of life. We present you with a palate of eccentric fragrances and essential oils that adds a tint to your canvas of life. Soothing and serene, our oils are made with handpicked ingredients, blended together with careful selection, and brought to you with utmost love and care. This year, celebrate Holi with the colorful fragrance oils by Savour & Aura with new energy, more powerful, and vibrancy. Put yourself to thought, attract positivity and celebrate small things, like scents, colors, sunlight, the air, and more.

Savour & Aura, with a range of fragrances, make Holi vibrant and spreads happiness within the body, mind, and soul. Sandal-wood, Musk-19, Sweet orange, jasmine, Fougere, and many more essences to have you explore the wide range of elements at 100% alcohol-free and suitable for the skin and surroundings!

Wishing everyone a very happy, playful & safe Holi. With the bright colors and mesmerizing fragrances enjoy the wonderful experience in your homes, workspaces, for your loved ones, and you.

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