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Festivities- The celebration of togetherness

We exist in a world today that celebrates traditionally region-specific festivals on a global scale- the power of a global village. Festivities such as Halloween or Black Friday have slowly and steadily seeped into metropolitan cultures and cities across the globe. What remains universal as we know it, is the sense of joy and optimism that surrounds the approach towards these celebrations.

Festivals were started to pass the legends, knowledge, and traditions onto the next generation to keep the glory alive. Festivities give us a distraction from our day to day, exhausting routine of life, and give us some inspiration to remember the important things and moments in life. A sense of optimism and something to look forward to.

In most cultures across the globe, what remains unanimous is the sheer number of festivities in the last quarter of the year. Arguably, the biggest festival of them all remains Christmas. Celebrated by billions across the face of the earth, Christmas is also the last major festival while closing for the calendar year. The world looks forward to new beginnings while reflecting on the year gone by. It is a time that reminds us the importance of family and community, meaning people begin to travel great distances to spend a few days in celebration with loved ones. It is this unending sense of going back, gravitating towards our roots that makes us truly human. We shower one another with thoughtful gifts, wherein slowly and steadily our choices of gifts have become less materialistic and instead, more to do with aiding long-term wellness of minds and bodies of our loved ones.

The past two years have brought great grief to families alike, and in this healing period of festivities, our choices for our loved ones become more experiential. We’ve truly come to realize that memories associated with gifts are far greater than the actual possession. At Savour & Aura, it is intertwined in our fabric to make such thoughtful choices for our community at large, with handpicked creations made from a pure, unnerving sense of love, honesty, and dedication. Our range of essential oils, fragrances and dhoop aren’t accustomed to being a typical decorative item of gifting, but are in fact items that if carefully chosen, bring individualistic benefits that soothe the mind, body, and soul. A gift more precious than any possession. A gift that has longevity to it and remains timeless.

So as we draw close to another year, we remind ourselves that the greatest possession one can truly have is the ‘gift of life’, and spending this life with our loved ones. We must humble ourselves for calamities seen in the world around us. An incredible range of emotions has been experienced by most of us in the last year- anxiety, sadness, fear, helplessness, anger, frustration, and uncertainty. Reflect on the past twelve months to know what you need to improve on and what you can continue doing right. Celebrate your accomplishments and remember that change is the only constant. It is the law of nature.

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