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Gratefully yours, dad

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

He is the inspiration and pillar; the strength that takes the family through the journey of life.

Fathers day is an ode to the unconditional love of fathers, it is an emotional reminder to be grateful to the real hero of our lives. He plays a prominent role in raising up the family through his selfless behavior and love. It is a day of admiration for the silent sacrifices of our fathers.

Father is a word that is full of meaning in-depth, he is one of the most powerful sources who nurture life within his children, for a lifetime.

A Father is the first inspiration to his offspring, who eventually teaches so much.

He may be strict & stern, he may be tough, but he molds the human that's growing up to enter into the new world.

In every home, the father plays a vital role as different personalities; a best friend, adviser, caretaker, and many more. A father does so much more than just financing the child’s needs; he is the constant support, guides them and most importantly he sacrifices himself over and over for the better of his children.

Celebrating the day with your dad

Simple things to do to make him feel valued - Cooking, good music, head massage, etc. Such small gestures would make the man feel proud, yet loved.

Handmade and personalized gifts are more valuable for a father.

Handpicked Indian fragrances like Siva musk Fragrance for men are a perfect gift for your dad! Nostalgic fragrances that tell a tale, such that it would take him back to his childhood memories, the box of serenity, from Savour and Aura offers a charismatic experience for fathers day. A long-lasting gift that all dads will cherish. 100% alcohol-free product for more information please visit the website

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