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Sana: A timeless blend

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

There is an art followed by the rhythm of nature, in the rising of the Sun and waking up of the bloom, there is melancholy between the colliding waves of the sea and their orchestral band strung together by the Moon. Creativity is art inspired by everything that envelopes us in their mesmerizing ensemble, molded into a unique creation with expertise, precision, and quality. Following the route of these creative endeavors, our perfumer has a knack for discovering and rediscovering the way each element of nature reacts with the other, together creating an unexplored space for the human mind and soul. Bringing this art and the hint of curiosity to explore the unturned possibilities and after a long process of hit and trial, the Sana blend was crafted to translate the ever-enchanting symphony of nature into the language that speaks to our soul.

The curation of Sana was an interesting discovery by the perfumers themselves when the subtlety in the notes of lavender mixed with the stunning scent of Samavisa Musk. It was at that moment when the two powerful notes collided to create an aromatic trail of passion and a unique experience when Sana took its shape and was introduced in the market. Slowly unfolding the hybrid qualities, Sana brings the best of both worlds in its strong yet graceful aroma that creates each room into an enchanting haven that is worth every moment spent in. We have always suggested and encouraged the process of deriving your own blend. The natural essential oils presented to you are drops of the purest essence of nature, brought on your tables to fill your soul with an adventure. Sana turned out to be one of our curations, sincerely made to release the freshness and tranquility with its essence. Mastering the play that each element offers, this blend holds the captivating essence that boosts mindfulness.

Made with the motive to spread calmness and wellness for good health for every human being, the presence of Lavender in Sana helps in relaxation and is regarded for its sensory power that treats anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps. A multipurpose oil in the realms of Aromatherapy, Lavender has many known and unknown benefits. Blended with Samavisa Musk, which in itself is a timeless creation with notes that take you to the field of Kannauj or creates the experience of the breeze of the hills at home with its freshness in the top note, Essence of a woody note in the middle, and the charismatic endeavor of the Musk in the base.

Use this aroma blend in your diffusers, by adding 2-3 drops of the oil, and fill your spaces with a personalized discovery of connecting with your own self. Try out the 100% alcohol-free product today and avail its otherworldly benefits.

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