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Significance of Indian Fragrances

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

When you use a fragrance, it becomes an act of letting yourself loose with a secret, a dream, and a creative mind. We wear aromas to play our charm on others, to have a decent impression, to encircle ourselves with a satisfying, long-lasting fragrance. Tracking back to this art, the earliest known records of aroma making in India can be found in the 'Brihat Samhita', a book created by a sixth-century astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer who lived in Ujjain. Attar is very antiquated in India; it's over 60,000 years old.

“We discover aroma and scent in the bygone Indian sagas and Granths.”

The rulers would start their day with a hint of a scent. The use of scents was tremendous in the arrays of mistresses of lords. These ladies were called Gandhkarika or Gandhhadika. These scents were known as Itra. There are numerous sources that trace the use of attar oils and scents adding a pleasant whiff to life during the Mughal times in India. Many Mughal rulers and their sovereigns were attached to attar aromas and this prompted the disclosure and rise of perfumery in India. Court antiquarian Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak chronicled Mughal sovereign Akbar's daily use of attar and incense sticks in the Ain-e-Akbari (Constitution of Akbar) – a sixteenth-century journal. As indicated by students of history, the mainstream Mughal sovereign Akbar had an entire division of perfumery to document this enchanting art and let their courts stay uniquely scented in an area where the blistering environment could be countered viably.

India is the only nation where the scents have been dissected into 21 classifications. The interesting story behind this is that there have been various traditions and customs of aromas in our country that have shaped all these aromas with a sense of significance and depth. It didn't take long, however, for individuals to find aroma's heartfelt potential, and make it a part of their lifestyle both for enchantment and relaxation of one’s mind and soul. With the appearance of perfumery in a global scenario, eighteenth-century France started using fragrance for a wide scope of purposes. With the commercialization of the industry today, the charm of its history and the timeless journey has started being replaced with synthetic alternatives launching every other day. The selling of aroma is presently not simply the domain of a fragrance producer or a perfumist. In the twentieth century, high-end apparel brands have started promoting their own lines of aromas, and practically any big brand with a name and a way of life can be seen selling a scent with their name on it. As innovation and science engineered synthetic substances as an alternative to make the new-age scents, without a waste of time, the mass production and delivery of different categories and blends of perfumes came into play. You can now get anything, like a manufactured rose, vanilla, lemon, and lavender. From these infiltrations, the perfume industry today stands the way it does with a list of different scents made available for a single element selling under different names, however, losing on the essence of the purity of that element.

There are numerous subtleties to the aroma. Like a melodic creation, it has various notes: applied to the skin, the scent opens on a crescendo of top notes, as the middle notes balance the tangible impression, in the end offering a way to the base notes. To truly know whether a scent is for you, you need to get to its "heart", or the middle note. This is the aroma that starts to unfold after the scent mixes with your own skin. It ordinarily requires around 20 minutes for the note to grow completely. The base note is the last articulation of your aroma, that is, the fragrance created when the scent has dried. It's the smell that waits for you to finally settle in its delight.

A fragrance is enjoyed the most when it has the pure and intact essence of the ingredients playing their symphony on you. Such has been our culture and tradition, and we at Savour and Aura believe in restoring this soothing and timeless play of nature on our skin and introduce the unparalleled charisma of a pure Indian fragrance. Discover the blends and fragrances that have a story to wander into with every drop. 100% alcohol-free, rich Indian fragrances for you to enjoy the essence of nature at your home. Visit for more.

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