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The best of the two worlds : Timeless adventures of a fragrance

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

“The final goal of perfumery is to infuse semi-divinity within us and elevate our

mind by freeing it from the mundane worries of the world.”

- Gangadhara, Master of perfumery and author of Gandhasara, Ancient


“Sone ki chidiya”- We’ve all heard this from our elders as a proud phrase describing

our country, blessed with rich heritage, culture and a lot of elements that are yet to be

explored. When it comes to the natural elements and especially the fragrances, India

goes a long way back to tell its story. "Perfume" comes from the Latin "through

smoke", and it is the scent through smoke – incense – that has been in common use in

India for generations.

We have always lived with a charm, a natural connect, tying together all our

generations with a single thread. From lilies in the north to champa in the south, and jasmine developed all over the place, India has consistently placed cultural significance

upon aromas and scents. As a sign of prosperity then, and a mark of personality today,

perfumes and scents have come a long way.

Surprisingly, even though their uses and significance has changed over the years, their

characteristics remain the same. Scents such as Sandalwood, Saffron, and Lavender

were considered, from early medieval times, as a sign of wealth, prestige, and luxury.

Be it the alluring and comforting aura of the Musk, the atmosphere of mystery of

Samavisa, or the evergreen and pleasant Rose blend, the rich history of these scents is

what makes them so special.

With the right scent, you can elevate yourselves and understand the difference it makes

in your lives. Savour and Aura is this promise of holding on to our prestige and our

roots and experiencing the aroma each day of our lives. Bringing the best of the two

worlds, we celebrate the timeless adventures of our fragrances. Over the years, there

has been a paradigm shift in the way we perceive scents, right from the way it's made

to the application and symbolism. The one constant, however, is the significance each

fragrance holds, in what they represent, whom they connect, and the emotions they


Discover the range of fragrances and aroma blends curated by Savour and Aura and

experience the richness of craftsmanship, passion and prestige of our roots in each of

our timeless products - Link

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