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Why to Choose Oil-Based Fragrances ,Essential Oil.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The authenticity and hallmark of a true fragrance is the delivery of the scent in the most potent manner. Today’s fragrance market is highly commercialized, meaning that a once elusive product is today highly accessible to everyone. Fragrance oils today has paved the way for the more commercially viable alcohol-based fragrances which have slowly infiltrated even top tier perfume houses today.

While alcohol-based fragrances are not all that bad, it simply cannot compete against naturally procured fragrance oils that have dominated over thousands of years. Oils are simply more concentrated, last longer, and don’t dehydrate the skin. With alcohol-based fragrances, one may not even realize the kind of chemicals one’s skin may be absorbing; chemicals that could lead to cancer, allergies, reproductive toxicities, and removal of the body’s natural oils.

At Savour & Aura, we ensure to reclaim historically proven methodologies that have existed in the fragrance world. The essence truly lies in the goodness of nature, making sourcing of ingredients a very important step in our journey of product making. These ingredients carry inherent traits of being unapologetically floral, woody, spicy and all the possible natural scents known to us. The result is a richer fragrance experience in every whiff.

Another joy of using oil-based fragrances allows us to create a wide variety of fragrances that can either carry a linear scent or be a concoction of various ingredients coming together. The possibilities are endless. To iterate this with our latest creations, we start with the mention of Vanilla Infusion which is an exemplary example wherein the age-old and much-loved romantic scent of vanilla remains a singular linear proposition that has captured the imagination of many wearers. On the other side of the spectrum, we have another creation- Voyage, a fitting example of how the blending of various strong ingredients can form to create a ‘new whole’ together.

Explore Savour & Aura’s wide range of oil-based fragrances on our website and derive the many benefits of what truly has remained an artisanal and proven method of perfume making that has stood the test of time.

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