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Precious Gifts 


Dhoop Box 

Product includes 8 incense sticks 

Price of Dhoop Box: Rs.99/- 

Festive boxes.JPG

Diffuser Box

Products included in the box

1. Mogra

2. Raas

3. Ceramic Diffuser 

Precious Gift Box price: Rs. 1099/-


Floral Box 

Products included in the box

1. Vanilla Infusion

2. Floral Bouquet 

3. Coral

4. Voyage 

5. Dhoop Box 

Gift Box price Rs. 2699/-


30ml Fragrance box 

Choice of our 30 ml fragrances

1. Voyage 

2. Vanam Oud 

3. Musk 19 

4. Dusk of Jasmine 

5. Floral Bouquet 

6. Vanilla Infusion 

7. Tender Lilac 

IMG_2251 2.JPG

Box of 6 

You can choose from our collection of fragrances and we will share the best offer price.

Price on request 

Perfume box.JPG

Box of 4 

Choose from our range of fragrances and get exciting offers on ordering a Box of 4 fragrances . 

Prie on request 


Gift for Her 

Products in the Box 

1. Tuberose Meadow

2. Dusk of Jasmine

Price of the Box: Rs. 1399/-


Gift for Him 

Products in the Box 

1. Voyage

2. Vanam Oud

Price of the Box: Rs. 1399/-

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