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The essence of nature: International Fragrance Day

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

When we smell a specific scent, say an old book or a cup of coffee, we quickly and unknowingly connect that smell to a brief passing memory. The smell can inspire emotions and bring back recollections that we failed to remember we had. The power of smell over all our other senses is majestic and the art of perfumery is to enhance that power and take us to an otherworldly experience. To understand fragrances, we would have to travel a long way back in the hour of the ancient Egyptians. Scent's captivating journey begins from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece, to Rome, and up to France, where Louis XIV's court was known as 'la cour parfumée', with the ruler requesting a unique fragrance for each and every day. Ever since, the use of fragrances as a symbol of flourishing to flattery, from religion to money, has been very significant. Fragrances ground us, the art of making a blend of elements and creating these scents is magical and considered a charm since time immemorial.

"Perfume" comes from the Latin "through smoke", and it is scented through smoke – incense – that has been in common use in India for generations. Moving many years forward now, Indian Fragrances have been an energetic site of exchange even in the commercial sector. Fragrances, flavors, and other important products were exchanged along the "Silk Road" – a bustling network of trade that carried the aromas of India toward the West.

Fragrance was conceived as a statement of the custom and privilege of an élite, however,

throughout the hundreds of years goes through steady democratization. It went then from a

sacrosanct component to an extravagance adornment, from an enchanting instrument to a

valuable restorative cure. These days, the scent isn't a characteristic of the affluent class any

longer, however it goes with regular daily existence as a special and unique articulation of our personality.

Whatever your favorite fragrance is and whatever your reasoning, International Fragrance Day is the Day to celebrate it! On the 3rd year anniversary of the International fragrance day, Savour & Aura wishes everyone a beautiful and eccentric day. Try out some of our fragrances and we hope you find your signature aroma. Let us take you on a ride of aromatic adventures, with our blissful and serene oils and blends.

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