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The Miraculous blend of Khus Rooh

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

There is a subtlety in the way the notes of a scent create a bewitching stir of emotional and soulful experience, holding the power to shape our constant mood and state of being. It is almost unreal how fragrances have traveled from being a practice of soul-mixing natural elements to cast a spell on the rambling plushness of old Indian royalties, to a sophisticated, commonly used element of our characters, personality, and life. India's rich treasury of blossoms, woods, spices, and flavors has been unrivaled anyplace on the planet. Acknowledged and highly appreciated, the craftsmanship and study of refining characteristic fragrant elements of nature like blossoms and woods started during the Indus Valley Civilization on our lands and has ever since influenced the globe.

As we take a stroll through the modern twist of the sweet and sensational range of scents now made available, there is an undeniable charm in the traditional scents that have been a mark of prosperity ever since their discovery. Kannauj has had an unbroken tradition of perfumery since the 16th century. Admiring the age-old distillery that has traveled through the course of time unaffected, almost makes the entire process of making perfumes look unreal in this modern era. The traditional distillation process of ‘deg-bhapka’, which involves massive copper chambers called deg, is still practiced in historic fragrance Meccas like Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh to extract attar or floral extracts.

One such fragrance is the infamous Khus Rooh or wild vetiver. Enveloped with the extraordinary delicacy of the traditional process of hydro-distillation using ‘deg’, the essence of Khus Rooh oil is made to fill your soul with the wilderness of the pure grass that dared to play with the wind in the fields of Kannauj. ‘Khus’ creates an immediate connection with our childhood, a walk through the fields of innocence just to come back home and taste the relief with the first sip of this green crystal beverage. Not to mention, the natural coolant properties of the wild grass that filled our homes with a fresh and fine atmosphere, in its subtle ways providing us comfort with just its presence.

This interesting grass whose underground structure is composed of a system of fine spongy fibrous roots can be found growing wild throughout North India especially in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. Khus Rooh is the traditional name of Wild Vetiver, a plant that has a variety of species, however, to an Indian nose, the affection and sense of differentiation of Khus Rooh from all its other varieties is what makes it so profound in our culture and gives it the reputation of an essence that speaks to the soul. A few dabs of this scent on the pulse points of the hands and neck calls for sophistication and unmatched grace.

Adding on to its list of fame, Khus rooh is a fragrance that does more than just pleasing your mind and soul. Coming to the miraculous effects of this oil on our body, it deeply nourishes the skin and prevents acne with its cooling effects, it helps heal scars and marks with the oil hailed for its regeneration properties. The oil also helps reduce dandruff and rejuvenate the health of our hair. Embrace yourself for a wholesome fragrance that will enhance your experience of life.

A scent that plays a song with sunshine as it gently settles its charm on your skin and leaves behind a fresh and cool sensation. Try this oil and let us know your tale of adventures with the aroma of Khus. Visit Khus Rooh

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